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Shearling Lambskin Puffer Jacket

Shearling Lambskin Puffer Jacket

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Step into a realm of winter elegance with the Élégance Shearling Grained Leather Puffer Coat by Canada Sansar. Meticulously handcrafted in Italy, this embodiment of luxury marries Canadian allure with Italian artistry, resulting in an unrivaled symbol of sophistication.

Materials of Distinction: Envelop yourself in the lavish embrace of our unique natural grained lamb leather, available in the timeless hues of Black and the rich warmth of Brown. The luxurious white merino lamb shearling fur collar combines indulgence with exceptional comfort.

Unrivaled Warmth, Effortless Elegance: Crafted to endure the coldest days, the European recycled ploy-down insulation ensures warmth in temperatures as low as -15°C. Experience both warmth and breathability in one impeccably designed coat.

Fusion of Modernity and Tradition: The coat's abbreviated length and off-shoulder design seamlessly blend contemporary style with enduring charm, creating an aesthetic that resonates.

A Touch of Sublime Luxury: Savor the sumptuousness of the buttery-smooth lamb leather. The X-large resin vinyl zipper serves both functional and aesthetic purposes, elevating the design.

Exclusivity Redefined: Lose yourself in the details that define luxury - from the opulent silver lining to the signature Silver CS sable-face snap buttons adorning the front pockets, all exclusively from Canada Sansar.

Care and Preservation: To maintain the allure, entrust the coat to exclusive dry cleaning. Handle it with care to safeguard the pristine quality of the materials, ensuring its timeless appeal.

Elevate your winter ensemble with the Élégance Shearling Grained Leather Puffer Coat - where cultures, materials, and craftsmanship unite. Handmade in Italy, this coat awaits the discerning connoisseur who understands the essence of refined living.

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